About MyHive

Year: 2018

MyHive is an initiative which launched during World Bee Day on May 20th within The Sustainable City. It is dedicated to promoting the importance of bees within our ecological system whilst sharing the wonders of beekeeping.

The MyHive Project empowers community members to experience the wonder, ingenuity, beauty, and power of the honeybee. Join the network of passionate bee hive adoptive parents in building the buzz for integrating honeybees into the Sustainable City model.

At MyHive, honeybees are our passion. We are dedicated to educating children and adults about the important role bees play as pollinators of our food and as an integral part of our ecosystem. Facing an abundance of threats in our evolving world, bees need all the help we can give them. Acts big and small can have a positive impact on the bees and their future adopt a beehive, avoid pesticides, plant diverse flowering species and support local beekeepers.

In 2018, MyHive was founded to make that positive impact. MyHive provides opportunities for everyone in the community to help save the honey bees. The mission is to provide our community with opportunities to understand, engage, and learn from honey bees in order to connect with the natural environment that we so often lose touch with. The project allows members to become adoptive parents to one of our beehives for one year. 100% of the funds contributed through adoption goes to providing care, food, supplies and treatments to the adopted hive(s) as well as aiding honey bee research efforts.

Our hope is that each of our community comes together to make one small change where we can collectively make a difference to our world and to the noble honeybee. One small act makes for one big collective effort. We welcome you to join us