About Agricool

Year: 2015

An agriculture startup that was founded in 2015, and is a fully operating project in The Sustainable City since 2018. Agricool grows fruits and vegetables all year around within a container that is based in The Sustainable City, using less water and energy, producing excellent and tasty product using zero pesticides, zerop chemicals and the distribution of the strawberries is done directly to the community.



Today, agriculture accounts for 25% of the world’s carbon footprint. It also is responsible for 70% of our water consumption. Even worse, intense growing practices contribute to ever poorer soil quality, and we’re losing 12 million hectares of soil each year. Being able to responsibly produce more is a serious issue.

So what’s our alternative? By cultivating locally, we eliminate long transportation networks and reduce carbon usage. By growing without soil, we give the earth a chance to rest. By creating a closed environment, we limit our use of resources. For example, our Cooltainers are engineered to use 90% less water and nutrients and to operate on 100% renewable energy. And that brings us to our last point.